Thank you to our participants for your valuable feedback! We’re thrilled that our practical insights, thorough reviews, and collaborative case studies have empowered you to make positive changes in your clinical practice. Your success is our greatest reward.
“The presentation by Dr. Khalil was great. He hit on several clinical questions that often come up in primary care. His comments were practical and can be directly applied to practice”
“Advice from credible endocrinologist and nephrologist, a good review of diabetes treatment in past 30 years, why we do what we do today.”
“Great speaker- understandable summary of the evidence-based studies and recommendations for real-life practice. I really like the case study and discussion. I also like the modeling of collaboration with behavioral health, pharmacy, MDs and APNs to have the best outcome for the patient”
                                                           ~CKD ECHO 2022-2023
“I liked that it offered both systems level changes as well as changes I could make in my individual practice.” 
                                                                    ~MHI RH ECHO
“I was able to get in contact with DCP&P regarding a possible presentation for my pregnant clients.” 
                                                                          ~MOI ECHO
“I want to thank you and the team for providing
resources that our facility needs to continue to
provide safe and quality care”
                                                                 ~ SNF LTC IPC ECHO
“This session was very interactive; people in the field willingly shared their experiences.“
                                                                      ~ SUD/MAT ECHO