What makes our education model different?

Continuous Learning
Diverse Perspectives
Real-Life Examples
Dialogue with Experts

What is Rutgers Project ECHO?

At its core, Project ECHO is a virtual health education and mentoring program improving population health in New Jersey. We bring together multidisciplinary practitioners for trainings and courses on public health issues that matter now. Session leaders include experts in maternal health, diabetes management, addiction, mental health, childhood trauma, health equity, and emergency preparedness. Participants, who serve as both learners and teachers, can share and receive support, guidance, and feedback from their peers. ECHOs are a critical way to build informed communities within a powerful learning environment that reduces health care disparities and creates systemic change.

Who is it for?

We look at health holistically and invite participation by providers at every level of care. We address complex health care issues by convening groups of doctors, specialists, nurses, social workers, mental health providers, educators, community health workers, nursing home staff, or local organizations in a virtual learning environment. Their collective expertise provides a perspective that helps shift health outcomes.

Benefits of Participation

Participants report a high level of satisfaction with the experience, the collaboration with their peers, and the increased knowledge that impacts their clients’ lives. ECHOs help enable providers to treat people in the community where they live. There is no cost to participate.  Participants are invited to share and request help regarding a current clinical scenario or, in some ECHOs, they are invited to participate in Quality Improvement (QI) projects. Discussions regarding scenarios or QI projects result in tips, recommendations, and suggestions for resources from the panel of experts and peers. Many programs offer CE credits to maintain certificates and licenses. All participants in any of the programs are invited to submit their ideas and suggestions for future topics. 

Join a collaborative community helping to overcome health care disparities

Current ECHO Programs

Hispanic Health
February 7, 2023 -
 May 16, 2023
Select Tuesdays
12:00 PM -
 1:00 PM
Join us to discuss strategies and tools to address critical health issues impacting the Hispanic Community, promote a culture of inclusion and diversity, and mitigate the structural barriers that lead to health disparities.   
Mental Health & Aging for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
February 9, 2023 -
 May 25, 2023
2nd & 4th Thursdays
12:00 PM -
 1:00 PM
Join us to address the unique and complex needs of an aging IDD population and increase your skills to provide culturally appropriate and effective preventative, behavioral, and mental health care.
Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, & Long-Term Care Facility Infection Prevention and Control
November 30, 2022 -
 September 27, 2023
Select Wednesdays
11:30 AM -
 12:30 PM
Join us to learn how to prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and the spread of communicable disease through surveillance, education, treatment, prevention, and control. 
Diabetes-Related Chronic Kidney Disease
October 13, 2022 -
 January 26, 2022
Select Thursdays
7:30 AM -
 8:30 AM
Join us to address the urgent and persistent needs of underserved populations of people with diabetes complicated by chronic kidney disease.
Substance Use Disorders
October 7, 2022 -
 March 17, 2023
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Fridays
12:00 PM -
 1:00 PM
The substance use crisis is worsening. Learn how health providers can safely and compassionately manage, treat, and support clients with a substance use disorder.
Community Health Workers
September 21, 2022 -
 January 11, 2023
Select Wednesdays
1:00 PM -
 2:15 PM
Bridge the gap between the medical community and your local community. Receive new, up-to-date training for certification.
Maternal Child Health and Opioid Use Disorder
April 13, 2022 -
 September 7, 2022
Biweekly on Wednesdays
8:00 AM -
 9:00 AM
Understand how to build a more trusting, empowering relationship for women with an OUD. Help ensure that NJ mothers can give birth safely with the treatment and support they receive within their community.
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Substance Exposed Infants
June 3, 2022 -
 August 19, 2022
Select Fridays
7:30 AM -
 8:30 AM
This ECHO is exclusively for birthing hospital teams and their community partners. Learn how to implement best practices, alternative recovery interventions, and to support family formation by using plans of safe care and community resources.
Maternal Health Innovation
March 1, 2022 -
 September 27, 2022
Select Tuesdays
8:00 AM -
 9:00 AM
Did you know that New Jersey has the fourth highest maternal mortality rate in the country? You can be part of the solution to support healthy moms and their babies.
Project Firstline
November 16, 2021 -
 September 27, 2022
Select Tuesdays
12:00 PM -
 1:00 PM
Do you work with the public? Learn the latest in infectious disease preparedness. Keep your family and community safe by stopping infections before they start.