Certified Infection Control (CIC) Scholarship Program
July 1, 2023 -
 February 29, 2024
43 of 100 Scholarships Available

Active registered nurses currently working in healthcare may be eligible to receive up to a $933.20 scholarship for their Certified in Infection Control (CIC) testing preparation and the CIC Exam. Scholarship money will go to the first 100 nurses who meet the NJDOH and Certification Board of Infection Control (CBIC) qualifications.

To view eligibility, please see the ” Scholarship Program Requirements” below.

Series Leaders

Theresa Hughes, Program Support Specialist

Ruben Nanez, Program Administrator

Learning Objectives

Not applicable

Continuing Education Accreditation

Not applicable

Scholarship Program Requirements
  1. Active Registered Nurse (RN)
  2. Completed post-secondary education in nursing. Post-secondary includes public or private universities, colleges, community colleges, etc.
  3. Direct Responsibility: “Within their role this person is responsible for providing consultation to departments or assigned practice settings on infection prevention and control program elements, practices and processes, as well as products used within health care facilities and/or provides direct supervision of those who perform these responsibilities. Other examples of those who are eligible are public health practitioners who must be prepared to provide guidance appropriate to reduce transmission or halt outbreaks in a variety of practice settings and their job description includes this activity.” – CBIC CIC Requirements
  4. Work experience, defined as active engagement in infection prevention, determined by a current job description, for compensation, for a minimum of:
    • At least two years of full-time employment AND
    • Completed 3,000 hours of infection prevention work experience earned during the previous three (3) years


Typical Job Titles that Fit the CIC® Guidelines:

  • Infection Preventionist
  • Infection Prevention and Control Practitioner/Professional (ICP)
  • Infection Control Link Nurse
  • RN Infection Preventionist

Please note invoices must be dated on or after July 1, 2023, to qualify for reimbursement.


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