About Us

Our Mission

Project ECHO is a globally recognized educational program which builds learning communities for participants to share expertise and problem-solve patient and client situations. We connect vital knowledge to people in need. We believe that the right knowledge at the right place, at the right time can save lives. We empower communities across New Jersey to access expert health care and resources wherever they live. 

Addressing Public Health Challenges

Rutgers University established its Project ECHO program in 2016. One of 240 programs nationwide, it serves all 21 New Jersey counties and is recognized as a critical agent for population health. Project ECHO serves as a resource to help overcome the primary care provider shortage through training programs for front line providers including Community Health Workers, educators, and others.  Today we’re tackling critical public health issues in maternal health, opioid use, mental health, diabetes, health equity, and infectious disease control and prevention. Together, our ECHO-trained community is helping to shift public health outcomes, particularly in New Jersey’s underserved and under-resourced counties where health disparities, poor outcomes, and limited access are most prevalent. 

About Participation

Project ECHO is an internationally recognized, evidence-based approach to continuing education and telementoring that leverages the power of all participants learning and sharing together.  We offer ECHOs for all community and healthcare providers. Some programs focus on rapid dissemination of knowledge, some focus on training, and others build communities of learners that work together to enrich their knowledge to improve the health of those they support. Our collaborative “all teach, all learn” approach is the infrastructure for knowledge-sharing in communities around the world. ECHO participants become more confident treating patients with complex conditions, addressing provider shortages, health care disparities, and increased access to care within their communities. 

About Each Session

When you participate in a session, you will meet expert specialist mentors from organizations such as Cooper University Health, Rowan University, RWJBarnabas Health, NJ Department of Health, NJ Department of Human Services, ID Care, The New Jersey Healthcare Quality Institute, New Jersey Perinatal Quality Collaborative, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care, Rutgers Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, and many others.  Each 60-minute Zoom session is part of a series. Provider and community participation is welcome and varies according to the series topic. More information on the topics included in each series can be found on our session website pages. Individual sessions include a 15-minute presentation followed by a real-life patient scenario with discussion and recommendations among the group. Questions and answers are encouraged and occur throughout the session.  There is no cost to participate, and CE credits are offered when available.